Friday, 3 March 2017


Finally i managed to complete the Spinning Top Blanket...

it kept me warm and the boys loved sitting on it and me while i added the last block

It's a beastie of a blanket at over 5' square and weighs a ton....a real snuggler. 
 if I had more of the blue i would have added more rounds but no more to be found in my workroom at one round added to the blue granny shells and it finished nothing fancy just wanted the riot of colours contained

So in the end the i decided that a real simple border of dc [tr],  something to contain all this spinning tops and colours was all i needed for my version, plus i was running out of yarns as i didn't use a yarn pack for mine.

If you have a yarn pack and are making the spinning top then any favourite colour you have enough of would work as a simple border to the Blanket...there is a lot going on in this design so it doesn't need anything to fussy to complete it..a wider border in the same colour would be perfect.

US terms and UK terms in brackets
Aran 5mm hook

After joining 9 or 12 blocks together a simple round or two of dc [tr], i felt was all that was more than one if you have enough of your chosen colour but one is ok too.
2dc [2tr], ch2, 2dc [2tr], 
1dc [1tr], in every st, and every ch sp too, on each side, so per granny shell and sp you should do 4 sts. 

 1dc ]1tr], in the ch sp, 1dc [1tr], in the sp between the joined blocks thats 2 joined each side

If you have done a smaller blanket then do several rows of the same favourite colour from the blanket, all thats needed with a buy blanket like the Spinning top...or have fun and make up your own border

Some of the fabulous Spinning Top Blankets that have already been made or are well on their way to completion from group members on Facebook...

All these wonderful hookers and more can be found enjoying my patterns and sharing their makes..its a growing group of over 7,000 members now 

several more on the Facebook group to see in all their glory

Love them all and sorry it took me so long to complete mine. Several options for fabulous borders for you to have a go at and get creative with your own.

And mine draped over a chair 


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    1. HI Zuz, thanks you on behalf of all the hookers in this post didn't they do well? x

  2. Fab blog Sue😊feel very honoured to be mentioned thank you xx

    1. Hi Margaret, the honour is all mine thank you for making such a fabulous blanket and allowing me to share it with everyone xx

  3. Have really enjoyed making the spinning top, thank you Sue for showing part of my work and for the mention xx honoured xx

    1. Thank You, Wendy, for allowing me to share of your beautiful blanket in the making and again the honour is all mine, xx

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    1. Hi Linda, thank you and thank you on behalf of the fabulous hookers in this post too x