Monday, 16 October 2017


One of the easiest jackets to make..just one giant granny square folded in half and the seams sewn up leaving 6" holes for your arms to go through.

Use a spaces dyed yarn of change colour every round, perfect for those winter snuggles
Square at 400g. 32"

Got to a metre, using just under 600 grams of yarn...

sewed up the seams and tried it on....
it fits, but it's a shrug and wanted mine to be a little bigger so adding another 100+grams

JAMES C BRETT STONEWASH would be perfect for this project....
Love those 3 colours the best from the range

The end one with orange in, is the nearest to the colour I used back in 2014 is col. SW3

My favourite of the new colours is the middle one with a soft butter yellow in Col. SW2

Pink/lilac one is Col. SW5

All the shades make a fabulous granny square too
Beautiful to crochet with no splitting,a lovely twist to it and such beautiful soft colours

4mm hook
Giant granny square worked in reverse rounds, to keep you square a perfect square with no swing to the way you are crocheting, it also makes for a reversible granny square so the roll of the neck line wont be the wrong side when you wear it.

magic circle
ROUND 1: ch2, counts as first dc, 2dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, sl st to complete. tighten magic circle.
ROUND 2- 46: turn ch2, 2dc, ch2, 3dc, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, in each corner, sl st to complete.

For me 46 rows made it big enough to reach my wrist

Finished it with a Shell stitch edging 
3tr, ch3 3tr in every other sp, with sc in between the granny shells

before i added the shell edging with my favourite pin 


  1. Beautiful and put On my to do list 🤗

  2. I love this shrug. I'm a fan of granny squares anyway, and this just looks absolutely cozy!

    1. Hi Gwen, they are hope you'll have a go? xx

  3. I love this and it's perfect for plus size. How would I work out how big a square I need ss I am plus size. Thank you louise

    1. Hi Louise, measure from wrist to wrist across you back with arms out to your sides and slightly forward, but it depends on where you want it to reach? If just to your elbows then measure from elbow to elbow across your back, but you can always tack up the seam quickly and try it on before you decide it only takes a few minutes, to be absolutley sure xx

  4. Thank you! I've just seen 5he perfect yarn to do in it too@

    1. Hi Louise, look forward to seeing it when you have finished have fun xxx

  5. What colour order did you do Sue? I have the ones you suggested... I cant make up my mind!
    Hope you're feeling better xx

    1. Hi the original is a random dyed yarn so no colour sequence it just happens xx