Monday, 4 December 2017

Decorating Diary I know when it happened.

Having hurt my wrist a couple of weeks ago, it's on the mend now, thanks for all the good wishes. Sorry this posts is more of a diary entry so i know when i did all this.

I was left with a wrist i'm going to have to watch for ever. 

All sorts of thoughts come into your head about ageing, when some thing like this happens. All I did was fold a heavy vintage quilt as we were trying to clear bedrooms for a complete federation and make over.

It has really held us up, I had to cancel the carpet laying for 2 weeks....but I'm on the mend and have managed to help with the decorating  New carpets now booked for the 16th Dec. 2017. 
now looking for two mirrors like this to go over the chests of draws 
inspirational picture for new look bedroom

New chests of draws to arrive on the 19th Dec. cutting it all really fine for Christmas. 
Nothing is in its right place at the moment and we can hardly move in some rooms and others are almost empty.....but its looking good so far, love that it is all  clean and even love the smell of paint as you go up the stairs.

I had decided it would be the very last time i would be doing decorating on this scale with new furniture, so good quality carpets and underlay going down and solid wood furniture this time around....its been slow going, painting with my left hand, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

New carpets will be dark grey with 9mm underlay very squishy. 

The old carpets had been down a very long time, we inherited them when we bought the house over 6years ago. Found this written on the back of the old carpets....not too sure if its 02.1980 or 02.1989? which ever it is, it really was time for a change. 

New chests of draws are from Cotswold Company and in a pale grey with wood tops to go with the new grey and ochre colour scheme  in our bedroom. 

lets hope everything will fit in these big boys.

Feature wall and doors are mid grey [mixed it our selves to get the right shade]
with white emulsion everywhere else, gloss white on the wood work, door frames etc. 

and some new pillow cases from the Elements Sunflower range below, to go with a set of Grey Tartan bedlinen i have already.

Still to paint the light fitting black in a hammered look paint..hope that works.

Very happy with our room so far....

Second bedroom, well the jury is out I'm afraid, it is finished but...
 I painted over the wallpaper and then regretted it so might need to strip and re do,
 but with what? 

I'm still thinking, but i will need to get it finished before the 16th Dec. 
My problem is i love all the shades of grey and cant decide on anything other than another shade of grey.....Too much grey or am i coordinating the whole house? 

A new tin of Chalk paint it waiting for me....doors to finish painting today
same as the double doors in the kitchen
you can just see the Winter Grey in this picture.....also want to finish this blanket to go on the bed too.

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