Monday 1 October 2018


New Abakhan store opened in Shrewsbury....not so sure its a good idea, costing me a fortune in fabrics as well as yarns!

I'd seen these little gems in there but wanted to check prices. 
Small balls of yarn are usually a lot more expensive than 50g one's...

Rico RICORMI 25g for 89p a real bargain, @£1.78 for 50g

cheapest i've seen any where and they are great...crochet beautifully, 60 gorgeous colours to play with and a perfect dk them

Sorry Splodge decided they make a good bed too! 

Love these 1950's colours and most of them are in the Rico selection

Not this project but something in these colours i think

Maybe a flower or two...?

or a granny or two?
 or a circle in a diamond or square?

So many lovely shades

mid shades

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  1. I want to learn these from a long time. How can i learn this? Thanks in advance