Thursday, 1 January 2009


As promised some variations of the gilded paper
under water sort of scene using brown paper and white paint instead of the gold gilding layered and heavily stitched painted and gilded brown paper

wet paper towels gives some great effects

soft kitchen towel glued to card in a very wrinkly way painted and gilded when dry

Well my 1st of the year started the usual way a paw in my mouth and a purr in my ear at 5 this morning...a lie in thanx boys lol

But decided hot lemon was to be the 1st drink of the day gets the liver going so l'm told...need the rest of me to join the health plan though lol.....thoughts turned to this weeks challenge and l've sorted the Christmas cards into 3 size piles so 3 BEAUTY FROM THE BEAST JOURNALS it willl be....gong to make the kitchen towel covers well the first stage before l nordic walk ( yes another health treat)....then l can finish them when l get back....and practice the coptic stitch ready for the book binding fun fun

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