Tuesday, 4 August 2009


About 26 miles in the drizzle with the Wrekin gripped by a huge black cloud we arrive in Much Wenlock a wonderful little town of old stone buildings some black and white and some really modern additions
IPPIKIN.....well what can l say but l want one of every thing please....a wonderful Alladins cave of stunning yarns....was very restrained l was hehe..only so l can go back as soon as l need another wonderful yarn and l'll just have to have it!!!....

Promise l was listening to everything that was said to me by the owner but my brain was on over load and my eyes every where
love it love it love......A SHOP TO VISIT DEFINITELY ....time and time again

Coffee shop just down the road for cake and hot chocolate The Retreat...a date carved on one of the beams said 1507.....and the cake was to die for

The Ledgend behind the name

Ippikin, the robber knight of Wenlock Edge


  1. The cake and hot chocolate look scrummy! you managed to bring home some fun wool to play hooky with.

  2. Morning Artystitches..l certainly did if l had a wool shop l want one just like IPPIKIN...an Alladins cave of yummy yarns...hehe what a good name that would be...
    Yummy Yarns...with a coffee shop and home made yummy cakes too!

  3. Hello Suz
    Exciting to hear about your outing. I love Much Wenlock, it is one of my favourite little towns in the country. You are fortunate indeed to have glorious countryside in Shropshire - for about ten years consecutively I went walking for a week each summer in Shrops, based in Much Wenlock - heavenly! I think Ippikins has arrived in recent years as I don't remember it from my visits in the past. Is the wonderful bookshop still there?
    Happy days
    Denise x

  4. Morning D....yep one of my favourites too...love the browsing and the lovely individual shops there....there was a book shop...let you know next week going back sometime soon for more yarns and another chat with Ippikin owners don't think they have been there that long will ask and let you know but certainly a shop to visit lol
    Sun shining here hope you get a visit too..off to Ikea with a friend later another fav shop hehe
    Suz x