Tuesday, 25 August 2009


One stunning blanket from 'do you mind if l knit' blog...adore Vanessa's work and this project is absolutely gorgeous and mostly in acrylics too...wow l'm soooooooooooo impressed
Just about to start a pastels granny square swap on Ravelry and this blanket is soooooo inspiring love it
Another blog l adore at the moment is 'POSY' blog.....and this gorgeous bathroom and another blog l can't get enough of at right now is 'HAPPY LOVES ROSIE' blog too...all fabulous blogs

SHED UPDATE: well they are both up and we've sort of moved in but today Pmacs will do the electrics and we bought enough boarding and insulation to do a wall in each....got to watch the pennies so a bit at a time with the insides lol
Photos of 1st walls in each by tomorrow l hope can't wait to get started loving the space to play already


  1. I love those blogs to, and the blanket is so pretty.

  2. Deffo a real stunner and the 3 blogs are some of my daily peeks