Saturday, 1 May 2010


Some progress from the 1st time we saw the bedroom
How we saw it before moving.....

Another set of dilemmas.....?????
before fireplace and some progress 
wallpaper or not? change the fire for our old house fire or keep this one for now?
go red and white or stay all white?....not easy is it?
OH is being very understanding as he hates ALL wallpaper and l love so many and have lengths of paper stuck on the walls all over the house lol
But not sure if l should stick with the plain white walls for now
James came yesterday and said after a week it is really looking different!!

Kitchen wallpaper
He loved the black and pink wallpaper so we went out and bought the roll l need to do the back kitchen wall
monumental cost of just under £12 from B&Q

Splodge and Brupbrup
Had to show you this one.....Siamese twins or what? hehehe

Mr T...
chilling in the sun on the end of the bed
Happy Saturday all hugs xx


  1. I just love your siamese cats:-)) The black and pink wallpaper will definitely be exciting and dramatic! Can't wait to se it finally on the walls. Really enjoying seeing all the changes you are thinking of as well as all the ones you have made! hugs, xx

  2. I like the bird wall paper, maybe you could just have it on the feature wall and the rest of the room white?

  3. Wow Suz, it really is taking on your personality and OH of course. LOL I'm sure whatever you choose will turn out beautifully. A little wallpaper can go a long way and make a dramatic statement. Love your cats even though I don't have any myself.

    Hugsxxx, Barbara