Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Half of yesterday was spent filling and sanding and making sure the new wall is ready for the glossing.. nervous again hehe...going for egg shell and not a hi gloss but looking like this late last night....
hook up for the clock...mmmm doubts about that clock now...think it looks like a pub dart board hung up there hehehehe...not a look l was after!

prefer the decorative panels my self..playtime l think!

been looking back at how it's looked over the months and how it looked the day we moved in 
couple of days later.....

bit of a difference now!
Going to try covering the beige back and base may be?...mmmm give it a try anyway
might make me like the clock on that wall more?.....hehe
and l need to finish the other candle stick that's hiding some where in the depths of my craft room l think!
Lots of work still to do on these door before we can paint them though so l might try and get them sorted today before starting the painting or we might add the batten look to the hall and stairs and then that can be painted along with the other glossing!! much to do...and l  think may be l'm putting off the glossing no idea why 'cos l love painting...even gloss painting!

Have a fun filled day all hugs xx

Link: FUNKY JUNK INTERIORS great blog and lots of other great fireplaces
people have built or remodelled


  1. Do you sleep? You seem to do so much in a very short time Suz. Loving the look but can see what you mean about the clock...I have a dart board if you want one [but mine isn't over the fireplace] :-) :-)
    I'm certain the finished look will be perfect.
    A x
    ps I think we have caught the bug now cos we are knocking a hole in a wall to put a door in now :-)

  2. I love it Suz it's looking great.
    Boy have yous been busy.
    I'll be checking back to see it finished.
    At the rate yous are going that won't be long LOL.
    Have fun!!!


  3. You've done a great job - it looks like a different fireplace.
    I love panelling and we are toying with the idea of putting a square of panelling above our fireplace similar to what you've done.
    And your clock doesn't look like a dartboard!

  4. I love the look.
    What type of fireplace did you use??
    It looks amazing.

  5. Hi we didn't change the fire only the surround and just the in the 1st picture
    Hugs X