Monday 20 September 2010


Didn't get in the garden didn't do any painting and didn't make the Butternut Soup either!!...trip to get cat food and a visit and meal with James was on the menu yesterday and now l have today's jobs to add
 Stripping the second set of double doors so they match the lounge set.....shouldn't take too long now we know how to remove the gummy stuff.....
then paint everything and make the soup for lunch
l'm afraid the garden will have to wait a while longer so that should shorten the 'TO DO' list and we can 
catch up a bit

White everything makes for a simple thinking will red look better than yellow or pink or......or...
when thinking is stressful white is new mantra lol

All those new healthy nibbles seem to be making me wee a lot hehe sorry to get personal 
or may be it was all the hot lemon and Manuka honey (another medical/food l would never be without..bit of a miracle is Manuka) and lime juice l drank yesterday?

SLIPPED UP ONCE....two cream biscuits with a cuppa mid morning...oops

My Orchid is looking fabulous don't ya think?...hehe  l did rescue it from the brink of death and it's had about 4/5 flowers on it but the pink is the last one 
So l'll be trimming the stem a little and feeding it more so next year it blooms even better...
now l know what to do with it...always helps don't you think?
Mean while l'll do a Winter cheat with the white beauty!

Have a marvellous Monday All
hugs xx
oops ps....l finished my grey bobble stitch socks too.....


  1. Loving the socks, very cosy!
    Nicky xx

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the 2 biscuits. I would have eaten the full packet!
    Love the socks.

  3. Love the socks Suz. Jo and I here together today having fun!!! actually she has just disagreed with me cos I've had her grovelling on the floor cutting curtains :-)
    Jacket and beret badges all done now thankfully :-)
    A x

  4. Beautiful photos, your home is looking very cheery and cozy! All of your hard work is definitely paying off. Love the socks, too!

    Have a great week! Don't work too hard!

  5. Those socks are darling! I think my next knitted project, since I am just learning, will be socks.

  6. Wow, I love your interior. Is that a crochet carpet?