Wednesday, 15 September 2010

4 DOWN 4 MORE TO GO......

Tackled the double doors today....nasty frosted and leaded double doors and there are two sets....lot of work but oh so worth it..really pleased with the 1st set....took us a while to work out the best way to remove all the leading and stuck on there in the end........
A hot gun set on low Nitromores paint stripper and a non scratch pan a treat

BEFORE....thats before we actually moved in....hated these door so much considered bricking the space up at one point glad we didn't

AFTER....ran out of non scratch pan scrubs so still a bit of the glue left on two of the panes but you can see a huge difference....added the bead board wallpaper to the lower glass sections and they need painting but  so pleased with the change...
 all the glossing still to do....but don't they look great now?
double doors in relation to the fireplace and board and batten wall....
wall lights need changing and those little nooks.....mmmmm another annoyance hehehe
cover with black framed pictures?....or add a door to look like a cupboard?...another little project to play with another day
clock is growing on me and l think when all the furniture and the new chair and sofa are in it will be ok
but l like the decorative panel details so they are going up hehehe sorry Phil xx
The chest in the corner (where the new chair will go) is one Phil's Grandad made we use it as a coffee table
well l've been given permission to paint it white....but still deciding if l should or shouldn't!
added the beige rug for now so the beige back to fireplace isn't annoying me quite as much hehehe
but l'm sure it will look better black!

Hugs and thanks for the lovely comments from those following Bakewell's remodel...
we are having an enormous amount of fun doing it
ps...all the door furniture will be changed to chrome as soon as we find some we like and can afford!...expensive details door handles!!


  1. Love those doors! You have been busy!!

  2. Its taking shape nicely!! Really love the door transformation. Glad you like my views - feel free to come up into the hills and see them from here!!!