Thursday 30 September 2010

3 WEEKS EARLY!!!!!!........

Still some painting left to do in the lounge and a phone call to say 
slight panic to finish and still have the window sill left to paint but almost finished before we had to go and get ready for JENNY ECLAIR SHOW last night..fabulous show really glad l had waterproof mascara on....tears rolling down my face so funny
This morning...
so up at 7 to move old sofas and spot clean the carpet......was going to have it professionally cleaned but that went out the window!

no cats allowed unless we are in the room!!
now what do l add back into the room or find a new home for?
not sure about the plant?
definitely the light and table at the end of the sofa though....
picture needs moving to behind the sofa and a smaller picture hung at the end
the wrong feet were delivered for the chair too....gggrrrr!

l really wanted to keep this room simple and not clutter it with 'stuff'

Phil's Great Grandad's chest
 to have a makeover thought about the lime green of the flower in the chair but Phil not so white it might have be

and l now have 3 sofas in my craft room.....ooops anyone need a beige sofa?

have a terrific Thursday all


  1. How lovely does that look?!! I bet you are really pleased with it all - well done both!

  2. It's lovely. I wouldn't be surprised to see it a magazine.

  3. aahhh thanks both just sitting in the corner with the laptop watching a mak over on TV lol...probably move bits around before l finally settle with it all but for now l'm pleased hehe
    hugs x

  4. Aw love the new look Suz. Bet you are thrilled to bits with it.
    A x

  5. Coming along so nicely. Isn't it fun to see the room come together. I love following your progress.

  6. Oh wow your room is just perfect! I love the blue accent with the sofa.

    Hugs XX

  7. It's reallly pretty! Great job, Sue. I love the clean look of it.

  8. It looks fantastic,your hard work has really paid off.

  9. I still love that sofa and chair! The colours are lovely as is your room now that it's (almost) finished. The clock, the wall-cladding, the picture - it's all perfect.

  10. thanks everyone have left you all messages to say thanks
    Finish the teeny weeny bit of painting today and already planning the Christmas dec's..excited now hehe
    Hugs ALL xx