Wednesday 8 September 2010


Awake quite early but logged on did a bit of blogging then while making half a sock l suggested to Phil we move the kitchen units on the far wall to a new position over the sink so the run of units was complete down the long wall?.........well he said come on then its already gone 11......

we had fun finished at about 8 tonight
what do you think?
removed the doors then the units prepared the sink wall by removing the boiler be put back tomorrow we didn't quite finish everything......

then we removed the work top and the splash backs and Phil went to do a bit of shopping needed cat food and milk while l filled and painted the walls on the cleared end of the kitchen....

we can't believe how much we managed to do today and after starting at mid day too!!!

from this...

to this in 8 hours...

and this...

to this....

my legs and feet don't half hurt!!!! hehehe

But very happy with the days re-modelling
 future stuff to do is move the fridge freezer from behind the kitchen door (silly place for it) to the opposite side of the kitchen then add a new corner unit with a Belfast sink under the new window when it is fitted (where the back door is right now) and add French doors where the big window is.....
oh and paint all the units to see if they look ok white if not....
it will be new doors asap!
Thanks for all the fab comments on the new sofa..hehehe still not sure how it happened really l am!


  1. Blimey. You pair really don't let the grass grow under your feet do you? What a difference a day makes. Love it.
    A x

  2. Goodness me that's a great diy job there! Looks fab. I have collected together a bunch of pastels from my stash and will be starting the ripple very soon. By the way, I'll be havign a giveaway very soon so please stop by soon. x

  3. Wow - what a fast re-model!!!
    Your table looks great in the new spot

  4. Woohoo! You should have your own tv show. Love your placemats!

  5. That looks soooo much nicer and the dining area is a plus. I see you've added a splash of colour already with lovely place mats!