Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well the boys had a rave in the new kitchen last night hehe 
and they had guests too
Dropped a box of cat nip yesterday and l forgot to pick it up...oops they tore it apart and invited a friend and had a rave last night the rug is covered in cap nip it's every where!! 'em
The newly cleared white wall now needs to be decorated

option 1...keep it mostly white?

option 2....splash of red or green or red and green?

option 3....paint the wall red and add the huge mirror still balanced on the side board right now?
or leave the table and chairs in the original dining room and add the side board and mirror with or with out painting the wall?

option 4...put up a long white shelf and add this small mirror still with out a home and splashes of red?
option 5...add the orange sofas..they will need moving to make room for the new blue sofa and patterned chair?

like all the options maybe we'll do an option that will let me change from one to the other when l get bored with the look of the moment hehehe.....
watch this space...playtime coming up!
Some of the pictures are from the old house but still like the look


  1. I like the splash of red effect. I also know what ever you decide will be perfect and if it isn't you will change it til it is :-) You have a great eye for colour. Have fun. I shall enjoy watching developments :-)
    A x

  2. Oh how I wish you could wave your magic wand over my house and put the right colour where its needed!!!! As Wipso says - you will make the right decision and it will look fab I'm sure!!

  3. Love all the options, so I am watching this space

  4. I like the sound of moving the sofas, making a bright splash in the room and a really comfy space to be. But I know whatever you decide it will be your style and perfect!