Monday, 13 September 2010


Looking for fireplace inspiration and as you know l want to do wood panelling in a few places but Phil has taken some persuading finally after showing him this makeover l got him to agree to give it a go along with our version of this fireplace...

Don't you just love this fireplace makeover?
l'd seen a huge clock l wanted but didn't know where to hang it...l do now so watch this space for the lounge and fireplace makeover this week
We've got to be ready for the new sofa haven't we?

Tutorial from another great blog called 'It's the Little Things' has used the mock wood panelling l've been drooling over too
 and l've finally convinced Phil to give it a go...
soooo excited l can't wait to get going this morning...a large BLT and another cuppa will get Phil going 
l'm sure
Hugs all cya later 


  1. That looks fab. Look forward to seeing your finished results :-)
    A x

  2. Can't wait to see it. Good luck!

    I love those silver cups (vases?)in yesterday's post.

    Give Mr. T a scratch behind the ears from PS.

  3. Suz, I am so happy you've been inspired!! I think you've got wonderful style and this is the project for you! Tell Phil it was super easy! It was the painting of it all that killed me!! :) Good luck and I can't wait to see the final result!

  4. Oh yes - that will be fab- Wipso and I will come to cut the ribbon when you unveil it!!

  5. I think the best place for inspiration is to look around a Fireplace Shop or two. They will have a plethora of styles, finnishings and ideas on how to decorate. Good luck!