Sunday, 5 September 2010


aaaah yes sox!!
l'm hooked hehehehe
1st sock..ran out of yarn....better choice next time
Foot...13rows long
Then split the stitches in half and replace with same number of chain stitches 15 chain
continue on with 8 more rows of DC
Then finish off with 3 rows of rib

alternate DC into the front then back of the stitch below post...nice stitch creates a rib effect sew off end
 Back to the heel opening and pick up all the 30 stitches with a sc
in the round decrease one stitch in the corners both sides every round until there are 7 sts left each side then 
press together and slip stitch the opening  together using only half the stitch from each side 
sew off end
finished sock!!

l'm addicted socks for everyone for Christmas this year hehehe
well l have a pair just not in the same yarn hehehe
l'll make another in the second yarn in the morning
hugs all xx


  1. Lovely colors Suz. I've been working on a pair of socks myself. Just now working on the heel that I have managed to frog about 10 times now. Seeing your finished project will spur me on!

  2. Wow, very Nice done. I also like the colours of the other sock.

  3. What a smart idea to save working the heel 'til last! Looks great :)

  4. Thanks all had a lot of fun making my 1st pair 2.5hours to make a single sock..thought that was good
    Hugs xx