Friday, 1 October 2010


Wasn't it cold last night?..l put the heating on and sat on the new sofa with the £5 bargain cream cable blanket over my legs and a Mr T topping admiring the view hehe
and Googling teal (that's the official colour of the sofa) and Christmas 
came up with an inspiration board....thinking..... 
pale teal garlands of circles and lots of white doves...

and a few more pale teal loo roll star/flowers
2008 loo roll dec's 
more hearts 2009 dec's and some white doves to cut
die cut holographic card star/snowflakes and circle garlands from last years they twinkle in the light so save on electricity hehe

so doves monograms white silver and teal being added for 2010

paint brush calling..3 days to get our bedroom finished 1st coat is on
Have a fabulous Friday 
hugs all xx
Knit and Natter tomorrow?


  1. Your room looks stunning Suz and love your Christmas ideas.Looking forward to seeing how your bedroom turns out.

  2. Hi Suz. We hope to join you tomorrow but need to pop to Watson and Thorntons first so may be a little late arriving.
    A x

  3. See you tomorrow - just need to treat M. to some fabric for a new skirt from W & T.

  4. I don't think your mind ever stops, Suz! I've no doubt you'll finish up in grand style. Your room is just lovely.

  5. I forsee some awesome Christmas decorating just around the corner! You are sooo talented!

    Hugs XX