Monday, 17 January 2011

4 AM CUPPA....couldn't wait to start joining the blocks!

and takes about 15minutes to crochet all around but with joining stitches etc allowing 20 per block so should take me about 3 hours to join all the blocks and probably 3 hours to do a border...still aiming to complete it today...all being well
Hate to say it but l think l might have added a bit too much pink into the blocks....hoping it wont make me hate the end result joining blend is a turquoise colour and l will make the outer border more blues and green to compensate and keep my fingers crossed
Record collage of the 9 blocks..
different light makes different colours pop out....the whole throw will be about 50"
each block including the turquoise joining row is about 15" square

Joined it will be about 45" so the border should add another 2"-3"
then l said l wanted to finish the Ripple...but l really am itching to get at the pink/red version of this throw....l know l should finish said Ripple but...oops! 
l know l'll do the other 1st!
someone get the whip out and make me behave lol
but at least l've found a way of making throws that l will blocks!
If l can make a 50" throw in 6 days l should manage something even bigger and actually 
 and not have it hanging around for months and months
by 8 o'clock 6 blocks put together by 12 all 9 joined together
1.50pm l started the border....
takes about 15minutes to do a 1st blue next and maybe turquoise to finish
cya later


  1. I love the way the pink lifts the colours in this throw. Good luck with finishing it.
    A x

  2. This is wonderful, i love it, how long to finish
    Greetings, Truus

  3. Beautiful patterns you make.
    I love all your colors :)