Sunday, 2 January 2011


Funny how colour creeps into your life isn't it? l seem to be in a BLUE MOOD for the 1st of January

I collected together all the blues and greens l have to start a new blanket...
Just 100 SC in stripes done right to left no turning so the stitch is the same for each row
6.5mm hook and two strands of DK..simple but l'm feeling simple this new year too! lol

We both need to get into shape in 2011 
walking to the shop about 35minutes away yesterday to find it was CLOSED!
So a longer walk than planned made us really hungry
and yesterday l made a fabulous Fish Pie from this great book...
very tasty and really huge even though l halved the ingredients 'cos it was for 4 and not 2!

GOT ABOUT 12-18 MONTHS TO GET INTO SHAPE friend and l will be 60 in 2012 and we are planning a cruise sometime between her birthday in January and mine in June and want to be in good shape for this special date
so wish us luck won't you, l'm very determined to succeed with this plan...
although l'm no cook l did enjoy making the Fish Pie yesterday and EATING IT TOO! lol

 MOUSSAKA is today's choice
l'll let you know if we enjoy it as much as the Fish Pie
definitely recommend the book

Watched and really enjoyed THE YOUNG ERIC AND ERNIE a VICTORIA WOOD drama last night
we thought yesterdays viewing was one of the best of the holiday
Downton Abbey
was on again too getting ready for the new series l hope!

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Have a super Sunday everyone huge hugs to you all xx
and thanks for entering the draw....real chuffed so many of you would like a calendar


  1. The colours used for your blanket look wonderful together. Hope your moussaka is as tasty as your fish pie, just keep thinking about your cruise, lucky thing!xx

  2. Really love the blanket colours. I have been meaning to make one for myself so its on my "to do" list for this year, Good luck with the dieting, great to have a goal to encourage you...we went on a first cruise to alaska this year for our ruby was wonderful..but you def need to lose weight beforehand because you will certainly put weight on during the cruise!!!
    Have a great day Hugs Jenny x

  3. Hi thanks both...saving like mad just hope Phil doesn't loose his job...17th of January they are making yet another 40+ redundant..bit of a bummer but fingers crossed
    Hugs xx

  4. I love the colours in your blanket Suz. My favourite colour is blue. I like the pattern you have chosen to do too, although it will mean plenty of ends to sew in at the end ;)
    I hope your mousaka is as tasty as the fish pie!

  5. Gorgeous colours in your blanket,look forward to visiting your lovely blog lots more in 2011 x

  6. Happy New Year Sue. I love your new blanket! Love it. x

  7. Hey...hey...hey...I have missed your last few posts! My blog is NOT updating!! I had to laugh at your son's dish! SO my son!!! My youngest is almost 22, and 6' 5" and eats like no tomorrow!!! Lovely pics as always. I am a life time Weight Watcher. I lost 50 pounds about 5 years ago, but a lot has crept back on me. I had to give up my morning run when I began to have my grandson full time while Mommy works. I too will be counting points again. The WW cookbooks are all fabulous!!!