Monday, 3 January 2011


Call me mad but being a visual person l needed something to show how l was shrinking lol
so l made myself a box to fit my biggest bits lol
oh dear!
it's just over 13"d x 14"w....almost a square and l remember the days when people used to say to me turn sideways and you disappear!!...mmmmm not good hey?
well this morning it still fits but l've shrunk 1/2" in depth.....whey hey!!
and that's after 3 day of walking for an hour a day and 2 days of weight watchers cook book
MOUSSAKA  recipe...fantastic, real yummy
kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it.....but soon cleared up while it cooked for 40minutes in the oven
a fabulous meal with enough left over for today's lunch
Salmon Fishcakes for tea and Irish Beef Stew for tomorrows dinner
l'm really enjoying the cooking too....messy but fun especially when the recipes work and taste so good with the side effect of weight loss!
How good is that?

No progress on the new Blue Moon blanket
but a new vase from Dunelm
l'll pick a Calendar winner today and mail them for their address for posting tomorrow
good luck everyone

Hugs to all have a marvellous Monday xx

No. 3 Denise
No. 2 JennyA
No. 20 Barbara
No. 25 Vera Amos

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE...l'll need JennyA and Barbara's address

already have Denise and Vera Amos' in the post asap 
Hugs Suz x


  1. Good luck with the weight loss. I can never stick with a diet for very long ;)
    Those recipes look delicious.

  2. So pleased to win one of your lovely calendars,have sent you message on ravelry. Very interesting idea the Box, and your meals look delicious,, good luck with the weight, its not easy but at least you have a goal in mind to spur you on with the thought of your cruise.
    Fingers crossed for good luck with Phils job.
    Love the colour of the Dunelm you have a "Homesense" near you..its definitely your kind of shop...linked to TK MAX XXX

  3. Oooh how exciting - thanks Suz,and good luck with the weight loss xxx

  4. Hmm, I really don't like the idea of dieting, but my ever growing body tells me I should consider it, good luck with yours. xx

  5. I'm so happy that I've one of your calendars Suz! I watch my weight all the time but after being put on an extra medicine a few months ago it put 30 pounds on me in two months! Needless to say I've quit taking that medication and am slooooowly losing the weight. Good luck with your diet!

    Hugs XX

  6. Thanks all addresses collected will be posting this morning
    Congratulations to all
    Hugs Suz x