Monday, 24 January 2011

On tender hooks!

Tied all the small scrap ends together into a ball of yarn and used a pale grey base as a blend yarn to make this circle...lovely soft colour would make a wonderful baby wrap

love to see what appears with the blending of yarns to a base colour....and a great way of using up all those teeny tiny balls that we all end up with

I made it into a feather filled cushion yesterday

Have a marvellous Monday and a great week everyone
Hugs to all x


  1. Your yarn choices are always so pretty!!

  2. Did you weave in ALL those little ends then? That looks great! I have a collection of little balls of yarn filling up a container. Hmmm..should probably make a cushion.

  3. Hi all....thanks Jenny playing with colours

    Jenny...l did most of them as l went always have so end weaving isn't a big job for me..just crochet them in as you go....and good luck with the end ball creation
    Hugs All xx

  4. Love the grey and lime colour combination. You've made a lovely cushion there. You seem to do everything so fast!