Wednesday, 5 January 2011


After posting the pictures of Blue Moon Progress l realised the second half didn't look right!
l'd used a different hook and it was shrinking, was hard and l wasn't happy with the look

So a total remake over night, while looking for the hook l had used originally 
I found my 12mm hook under the sofa thought it an omen so remade 
Blue Moon using the 12mm and 65 sts 

It's growing a lot lighter softer and more textured looking
same stripes......l undid one row at a time and remade it into the new blanket 
Surprising how each row used a different amount of tension must be very erratic hehe
Just a few ends left over that will be made into small flowers so nothing wasted

How big is your box?
1st Jan measured just over 14" x 13" 
5th Jan has shrunk to 14" x 12" 
and l've gained a new!
I'm really really enjoying all the cooking....
When l 1st got married l cooked a lot.....but gave up because of my ex MIL....another story!
Every recipe l've tried has been wonderful....always a good incentive to do more
well done WW.....A Fabulous book and a great sale buy!

I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to loose a few pounds

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
hugs to all xx


  1. Remade a blanket over night?.....
    .....I slept [thankfully].
    Erratic? You? there's a thought :-)
    Love the new look blanket and am really thrilled you're enjoying your cooking.
    A x

  2. Cooking is one of my VERY FAVORITE hobbies!! In fact, tomorrow night, my Mama and I are going to a cooking class!! To answer your question Suz, look a couple posts back and I did mention where I saw a tute on the flowers. I have been wanting to do these, and have done a lot of experimenting with them. I followed the tutu only somewhat. I have been making them in different ways, and am planning to start an Etsy shop soon. I will sell the pins, and some hand knit and crochet dishcloths, maybe some scarves, some other hand made items.

  3. Wow remade it overnight, you can't need much sleep!
    It looks beautiful and I can see from the photos the difference in the texture from the fist attempt. Don't you hate that when you change hook sizes half way through. I want to add to a throw I started in 2009 but I am not sure which size hook I used. I have made a couple of test squares and they seem ok, but I don't want to make lots and find that they are wrong.

  4. Blue Moon looks fab - you are such a busy bee. I think I will treat M to the cookery book- those recipes look great. I love the box idea too!!

  5. You are so quick with a hook, lady! The blanket colors are reminding me that I want summer here now! Too bad winter has just begun.... Cooking photos look so yummy, too.