Monday, 7 February 2011


Only a roll of wallpaper to go up so was all done and dusted in a couple of hours
I do love it but think it's a tad dark so not sure how long it will last before l change it lol but for now it's up...
not sure if it needs some thing in the panels now too?
we'll live with it for a while before making any more decisions though, there is enough left to line the book shelves at the bottom of the bed but until l'm sure about the wallpaper l'll store it and sleep on it for a while

This afternoon l will be second coating the DULUX RASPBERRY BELLINI wall....for those that asked
Have fun all
hugs x


  1. Oh, Suz that's very beautiful, you have a lovely bedroom.
    Sleep well....??

    Greetings, Truus

  2. ooo its so pretty I love it!!

  3. LOve that wallpaper!!! So pretty and feminine. Does your husband not mind the feminine touches?

  4. OOOPS! Fallen asleep at the laptop lol...wall to paint!
    Thanks all..No Kris he doesn't really mind what l do in the house he's pretty good at actually doing stuff l ask for him lol
    Hugs all going to try and wake up and paint this wall x

  5. Wallpaper is soooooo nice!
    ... you are big inspiration for me!
    And your crochet project are fantastic!

  6. Very pretty. I must say you have good taste because I would have chosen that paper too. :)

  7. Well I love it! I was wall papering for M on Saturday - I had forgotten how much fun it is!

  8. Great choice of wallpaper, I decorated my bathroom with this wallpaper last year & I love it !!!

  9. Oooo I like it Suz! I think I could get some wonderful sleep in that room. You go girlfriend.

    Hugs XX

  10. Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely!!! I am soooo loving wallpaper all over again...this is charming.

    I adore all the sweet colour over here and the creativity is inspiring. xoxoxo

  11. Wow, I love your bedroom wallpaper. It looks very romantic!