Monday, 21 February 2011


Love these Ice Cream colours from Chanel's spring/summer show and the yummy stripes too
l can dream can't l?....long line cardy maybe in another 6 months my midriff was never that good even at 7st!!!
And it's a pity l can't do anything about the 5' nothing height but l do love this outfit so much
The New Year diet going well so far, the box says so anyway lol....2 inches bigger than l am now!

Still playing with flower patterns and hook sizes
8mm hook and chunky or 2 strands of DK makes a 9" diameter flower so about 70 for a double bed.
 At ONLY 2 flowers a day, it would take just over a month to make a bed cover for a double bed!....not bad although my crochet tension is loose so l will probably stick with the 6mm hook, double wool and still undecided about the pattern to use but something that measures about 9" in diameter...big bed so l'll need about 90 flowers
made a double petal version this morning
Terrible photo so l won't show you but l've made 47 of these flowers in the last few days!
Definitely an addiction 

The Flower Bed CAL.....
Been chatting and a few want to start up a bed cover of flowers Crochet-a-long
If your interested and want to join the fun mail me l'll need your e-mail address to add you to the you can post your own progress on the group
Google will allow 100 authorized people so first come first included
Any flower pattern you want to use any size from Baby to king size bed but a bed cover of some description..lots of tips and help will be offered so all abilities are welcome to join us

HOPE YOU'LL JOIN THE day will be sometime this week and 
Hazel Rachael and myself will be there to help out with any questions
but for now watch this space....links will appear on all three blogs some time this week
Have a great week everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. Hi Suz. What a brilliant idea. I've got so many projects on the go at the mo and as you can imagine I am knitting for England so think it best if I opt out this time :-)
    A x

  2. Hi Suz,

    I just emailed you about joining the Crochet-a-long, what agreat idea!!!
    Thanks for the link to Channel's spring/summer show, I've got some colour inspiration from there.

    Have a great day

    Best Wishes

    Chris Xx

  3. You know I might actually be up for this one. Hope to finish my latest circle project this week. I will be keep my eyes peeled. Glad to hear those Frangos didn't last too long. Are they not the most additive thing, next to a new flower pattern.

  4. Hoi
    Haak je de bloemen met hetzelfde garen maar dan met een dikere naald??
    Groetjes anita