Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Rug chunky!..watch this space
and another finished cushion from months ago...             
front and back just needed putting together 
a present from a friend..the 2 slim ones
l'd asked if they spotted any slim vases when 'doing' the charity shops their way
and hey presto!...they found a perfect set within days
thanks Alison and Dave they go so perfectly with the garlic vase

Enjoy your evening all
hugs xx


  1. Hi Suz,
    I am truly amazed by the way you are working, I'm loving all of it.
    Thanks for the inspiration, your amazing.

    Best Wishes (and you continue to go girl LOL)



  2. Me too - am amazed at how you work.Gorgeous yummy colours again - perfect x

  3. The yarn for the rug looks fabulous, can;t wait to read more about it.

  4. OH, you house look just to cuddl-ie warm,,,, can I come in out of the snow over here for a visit and cuppa tea. Can't wait to see the run all done...

  5. sue, it is always a great pleasure to visit your blog... so much beautiful colours, so many project going on in your mind, thanks for all of that

  6. Thanks everyone...definitely a cramped mind Muriel hehe...stuffed full of rubbish mostly!
    Kate your welcome to pull up a chair by the fire anytime
    Pink Flower...the shades of yarn aren't quite right yet but l will progress...promise
    Chris and Denise..glad you love the colours l use been a long road..another story that!
    Hugs ALL x