Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Executive Decision Made!

After asking for you lovelies to say which you liked best l still chose the one l was sure about...
Phil was at work when it went up so hope he doesn't hate it
'cos l chose the one l liked best!
lt went up beautifully in an hour and looks just how l thought it would....just a hint of colour and a simple pattern that doesn't over power the room
Hope you like it up more than you did as a small sample stuck to the wall....but if you don't l can live with that too hehe!
Changed the rug, but l might go back to the beige one not sure yet
STILL NO LAPTOP!....although would l have got as much done if IT hadn't been poorly and out of reach,
l ask myself? lol

It really does look exactly as l knew it woul so chuffed l am!

Enjoy your evening all
hugs xx


  1. Wow that is really pretty - what a lovely look to the room. Makes it look very homely.

  2. Thanks Pink Flower...l'm loving it really has cheered the room up for me..fingers crossed OH id ok with it when he gets home!
    Hugs x

  3. And if you finished at Rachael than you can visit
    mine, ha,ha! It's very beautiful Suz. Spring is in the air.
    Greetings, Truus

  4. Ha ha Rachael and Truus...on my way l'll just finish off the red wall and throw up the next red and white wallpaper in the kitchen dining room first...lol
    Think the dieting has given me more energy than is good for me...no idea where l might paper next!! lol
    Hugs to both x

  5. Well done Suz - it all looks really lovely.