Monday, 7 February 2011

hello from philip

Hi there crafters. Suz is pinning for her laptop and as she is knackered from 'going off on one' again l'm doing todays post
 She hopes to be blogging by the end of monday when i'm back at work,
Its about time she used her creativity to get more of the house done, dont you just love it.
We can't decide? needed
I like the left Suz likes the right...
1st coat on the red wall done

So its good by from me and vote for the left wall paper.


  1. Suz. I hate to tell you this but I agree with Phillip about the paper... Sorry. I love the red wall. I have that colour in my spare room. Check it out in Monday's post. It's incredible when the sun is beaming into that room.
    It's like your own personal sunset right there IN the room. SO COOL! BTW, hi Phillip!

  2. Hi Phillip. Love the house. Looks smashing!

  3. hi there love the red paint what colour is it? I vote for the paper on the left...

  4. I agree with Philip too, sorry Suz.
    The house looks fabulous, love the red wall.

  5. I agree with Phil.......LEFT!!!!!

  6. I'm for the left one also! And I love the red wall!

  7. Sorry, Suz, another vote for the left wallpaper.