Monday, 7 February 2011

Morning all

Couldn't hardly move last night and really was thanks Phil for doing the post for me
Woke up yesterday as l do and decided to paper the bedroom! hahaha
So l started with the the wall in the dining room...makes sense don't you think? lol
Up and at the DIY store as the doors opened to collect armfuls of wallpaper samples...yet again!
l was determined to decide

We went back to our old house at the weekend and l still loved the 'Raspberry Bellini' wall in the dining room
So having enough paint left l made the decision to paint the dining room wall here at Bakewell too!
But first....The Bedroom wallpaper....

pale aqua and cream bed linen and a second set in pink and cream so we needed something to go with both
love this one but it wasn't right when l held it up in the room
but this was perfect with both sets so this is the one going above the panelling behind the bed...

l will post better pictures as soon as l can play...fingers crossed laptop back today!
Before starting the wall papering l though l would paint the 1st coat of Raspberry thing led to another and l played, did washing, tidied up and played some more oh! and ironed...
so never got to the wallpapering but l will watch this space

Back to the Lounge Wallpaper saga!
this is my choice although l like Phil's choice too just thought this was slightly simpler and less patterned
than this one that Phil likes best....

Phil wipes his hands of wallpaper..he hates it hehe and took himself off the play with Bertie while l got stuck in
Thinking l should find something different and found this stripe one 
I think it might be better than the other two...again not a great picture but it picks up the teal and moss green in the chair beautifully without being a clash of patterns...a lot more expensive but as l only need one roll....
another watch this space l think!

I've decided l have around a  month before we do the sun sea and sand bit so going to try and finish off all the rooms we have started so far before our hols
Loving the Raspberry wall but it does need a second coat and l'm going to add some wallpaper. Not every where just a couple of the walls to link the old dining room with the new seating area and kitchen
Now we have the French doors l think the seats look better here and the table and chairs back in the dining room...
what do you think...bit more spacious?
thinking of adding one wall each of these two behind the chairs and the door wall into the lounge for the other but which way around?
or the other red and green with the table and chairs and the red and white behind the seats?.....
..........yet another watch this space lol
the furballs were a bit confused last night too...all this moving around of their chairs!! lol
off to play in the wallpaper paste now but things should be different by tonight
Have a Marvellous Monday everyone
Hugs all xx


  1. Do you ever rest Suz? :-)
    A x

  2. Ooo, your bedroom choice was one of the ones I chose for my bedroom but quality control(hubby) didn't like it, :( I love it so will be very envious, I will post a pic at some point of my newly decorated bedroom this week promise. Take care..... Nicky xx