Thursday, 10 February 2011

My Friend is back and well again

And the boys are loving the new seating arrangement...

even James got his camera out to record the quiet togetherness!
sooooooooooo comfy it is here...

so glad to have my laptop card reader installed

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the decorating
and it was great to meet a new blogger to be yesterday sorry you were held up and missed the visit to ColourMart..another time may be?

Hugs to all xx


  1. Glad the laptop is all better Suz.....It's like having your right hand chopped off isn't it? :-)
    A x

  2. Ooo so glad you got your laptop fixes Suz! My desktop crashed about a month ago and if it weren't for my laptop, I would be devastated. Squeeeeeeeee! I have to let everyone know that I received the neatest calendar made by none other than Ms. SUZ! It is just the bomb Suz and I thank you so much for it!

    Hugs XX

  3. Love the kitties. Looks like a great spot to claim!! I had two all black kitties. One was part siamese. His name was Zorbie. Then I had an all black Manx, named Bear. Poor ol Bear met up with a coyote, and the coyote won. I loved that cat. My beautiful calico, Maui, has not stepped paw in the house since we got our Doggin' Ducey. They do not see eye to eye, and I so miss her being in the house like that photo of your furr balls!

  4. Hey, I love the Red, Black and White. Glad to see you are back to normal for now, I will add. As I'm sure you have something else up your sleeves to work on soon.

    Send me your address at
    I have a little V.B. to send your way. Keeping my fingers crossed to pick you for yarn next time.

  5. I love your cats, I have just posted a similar picture of my cat snuggled up, I love to see a black cat next to red if Spell wore a collar it would be red x