Saturday, 2 July 2011

CROCHET FLOWERS ON TRIANGLES.....just like bunting

After all the gggrrrrrr's of first thing the day turned out good
The garden swing seat/bed is on order and we found it on e-bay another 30/40 pounds cheaper
 still with free postage...whey hey bring it on

Did a few scribbles, calculations first and decided to change the colouring a little, so it went better with the cushions etc. l use in the garden already
remember this African flower cushion?....using this as the colour combo inspiration
the measurements for the swing 'bed' were on the site,
So a practise run on a stool got shelved and l got straight on with the actual flowers/triangles that l need
Quite a pile done by close of play yesterday...
and l'm trying to decide on crochet top or fabric and just use the crochet triangles/flowers as a trim
Slight miss calculation with the number of stitches to fit the bed but realised so it's been corrected..
until l decide on the top (crochet stripes or fabric) l'll just keep making the flowers and triangles
might even add a few pompoms too..who knows? lol
Thanks for the help with blogger, fingers crossed all seems to be ok this morning

New Door Cards for NooNoo
Phil had an exciting day too...his welder packed up a couple of days back.
very annoying with half an hours welding to do to finish a job on Bertie

So a new one was ordered and that arrived yesterday as well as the posh new door cards 
couple of them were really hard work to fit and still not finished,
 but don't they look fabulous?

All in all, a bad start to the day ended very well in deed

Tried the campers Happy Birthday Bunting on the gazebo yesterday
Wrong colour for the rest of the garden cushions etc so l might just need to make a new set to match everything else in the garden lol
they definitely look better on NooNoo's canopy
thinking more pastel for the gazebo than brights and a double layer flag this time

l STILL haven't finished the pastel ripple l started in the year dot...NAUGHTY ME
Would that fit on the new swing bed?...
l'll dig it out and measure it, might be too big, it's so long since l looked at it l can't remember how far off finishing l was!

Cheerio for now
Another sunny day here...can't remember ever having such great weather, for so long?

Have a super Saturday everyone
Hugs to all x


  1. Oh...I love those soft colors for your flowers. And the buntings are so great! Love bunting!!!! Have a great weekend Suz!

  2. I love everything!What yarn do you use, Suz? I`ve tried clicking on your `yarn for sale` link but it doesn`t seem to work.
    Have a colour-filled weekend. x

  3. Plenty to keep you busy there then Suz - have a great sunny weekend. x jo

  4. I too have a swing seat fantasy based on having one as a child in the garden at home. Love your colours. Which flower pattern are you using?

  5. You have the most beautiful flowers, so simple yet so effective.
    I have been dying to know if your son has washed his Nudie jeans yet!
    xXx Helen

  6. You have a garden in your home just with the flowers you do.
    It was a pleasant visit I do to your blog.
    Have a shinny week-end.

  7. Hi Suz
    Love the progress on cushions.
    Noo noo looking fab. Do you go off on adventures?
    Have a lovely Sunday. It's winter here, a little sunshine today was nice.