Saturday 23 July 2011

Crochet corner insets to Giant Granny finished

Not got much time this morning wedding at 1 and we need to leave about 11.30..half hour journey and then decorate NooNoo and get them all to the Wedding..quite exciting 
Finished the Corners of the triangle inset GG, leaving the sides open l think
Pleased with the little leaf and flower corners though

2 cups of tea a small thin steak that needed eating up, a boiled egg and two Ryvita with light spread
will add the cals later right now the bath calls
Have a super Saturday everyone and catch up later
Hugs to all xx
Thnaks for all the support


  1. Hi Suz,
    I love your blog. These wonderful colors. Greetings Heike

  2. What are you going to eat(drink) at the wedding??

  3. Think lifestyle change. I don't think anyone can live on prepared meals forever. Guess they could work for a short term jump start. I totally changed my eating 6 years ago, started working out and lost 25-30 lbs. Have mostly kept it off since then with walking as my choice of exercise. Two years ago I became vegetarian. Your giant granny inset turned out great. I finally just accomplish my first ever granny square and was quite delighted with that. I don't know why there are so many crazy patterns out there for it. Found one that made sense to me. Have fun at the wedding. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Thanks all
    Jude l don't really drink so lime and soda l expect
    T'S Daily Treasure...not planning on a life time...but they are served with fresh salads and vegatables...and better than my cooking hehehe
    Hugs all x

  5. Whew! Good luck on the diet. I like food too much to restrict myself! I LOVE how this square is coming. You are so creative with what you can do with a simple granny!