Monday 25 July 2011

aaaargh! something has attacked my big hosta...

A little beastie has had a go at a few slug and snail patrol from now on
Second pot of Red Lilies is starting to open up this morning and the skies are blue for another lovely day l hope

Not done any more crochet for a couple of days what with the wedding, wasn't she a beautiful bride and that dress was really stunning, tall and slim with a beautiful smile and a special day

Off to get some timber to make a bin store today after abusy day yesterday 
We managed to eventually, get round to cleaning the conservatory roof....that was a mucky job

All the windows inside and out got a clean and the front garden, walled border, is ready for re planting
 More Hostas l think...something that likes shade and will basically look after them selves but last a long time

Cuppa with Annie and Jo this afternoon
cya later girls
Thanks for the camera info and tips..seems ok this morning after a fiddle with settings etc, but l might put a new camera on my Christmas list! lol

hugs to all
hope you all have a wonderful week


  1. Beautiful bride. See you later :-)
    A x

  2. She is stunning!! I love her dress! I am sorry to hear about your hosta. One of ours is under attack as well.


  3. What a beautiful bride! Her dress is absolutely beautiful! And... good luck saving your beautiful plants!