Wednesday 27 July 2011

Finally finished the Guest bedroom curtains and new cushions

Been sitting on my work room table since l didn't get them finished for the Status Quo weekend!..ooops
was on the 'to do' list but l didn't plan on doing them this afternoon..but all of a sudden
they were finished and up!
The metal wall art l bought a couple of months back looks at it's best over the looks like it's part of the bed don't you think?

Front garden tomorrow and collect my new glasses...gone up a magnification and they are the palest lilac colour..never had lilac before!

Thanks for a fab evening girls..and great idea to do a spar weekend before Christmas

hugs to all xx


  1. Oh my gosh Suz, that metal piece MAKES the bed!!!!! Looks like it is part of it.. SO perfect!
    Haha...thanks for the sweet words on my pity party post. I actually turned 51 this past March. But all the icky stuff started THIS year!!!! Damn!

  2. Suz, this room is magical! I love the soft colors and the metalwork! The crochet pillow in the middle makes it all so artistic and homey.. lucky guests!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the room Suz - you are so clever at getting it all together!

  4. That decorative piece above the bed is fabulous. It really does look like it is part of the headboard. The room looks lovely and especially cozy with the crocheted pillow. Have a great rest of the week. :) Tammy

  5. Love the metal wall art!!

    S x

  6. Very nice Suz. Lucky visitors.

  7. Wonderful guest bedroom. It is so light and airy looking. I really like your inset triangle granny square. It is very creative :)

  8. Wonderful Wonderful Job! Its so fresh and inviting. Love the headboard! Who ever gets to stay in this room will have sweet dreams!!

  9. Hi Suz... wonderful.. congratulation .


  10. OMG,my eyesight is getting worse too, do you think its the crochet? Have a fab weekend xx

  11. What a pretty guestroom! It looks very homely yet practical, what a good job did you do!