Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Just as if it was made for the new garden bed, just needs ends adding to hold it on the seating nice and snugly
and a new canopy making in white and the sun to come out of course....fabulous
Took us about 1.5hrs. to put it together last night and it is just perfect for those lazy, sunny days
I knew that ripple was big enough for something lol

I'll make a second fabric cover with the crochet triangle/flowers trim that l made last week
Really pleased with the swing....and really glad l made an executive decision and bought it after all,
everyone tried to tell me l didn't want one and wouldn't use it...wrong lol
a fun project for crochet and fabric too!
Pity the sun seems to have stayed in bed this morning

Tried a new granny square yesterday in oranges beige cream and soft green
not working for me yet...
same as the daisy granny but l used a puff stitch as the petals and made it in three different sizes
4mm hook single strand dk....l know lots of crocheters use this but for some reason just does nothing for me and soooooooo tiny..NEEDED TO DO 5 ROUNDS TO MATCH THE 6MM HOOK SQUARE
5mm hook double strand dk TOP LEFT...better but the stitch looks a bit tight
6 mm hook double strand dk TOP RIGHT...back to the bigger more chunky square for me l think also gives me the ability to mix and blend new colours..can make for a more interesting yarn sometimes

Which do you prefer to work with?..small, cute, and delicate or bigger, chunkier and snugly 
also find the single strand and 4mm hook a bit fiddly and harder to crochet!

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
hugs to all x


  1. I love how the afghan compliments your swing seat! I'm also still finding out what my favourite yarn & hook are.. And I'm curious to see how the other fabric cover looks like when it's done!

  2. Oh yes - the swing will be perfect for those long hot summer evenings - hope we get a few!! You never cease to amaze me with your fab projects Suz.

  3. I love the ripple blanket. It fits perfect in your swing seat. Gorgeous. Enjoy.

    Groetjes, Monique

  4. Looks perfect on your swing seat .... I'm in the chunky hook & yarn camp ... DK just looks so flimsy on it's own sometimes .... also prefer cottons to acrylics but price prohibits a lot of the time. Happy hooking x

  5. Love the new swing seat....enjoy.
    A x

  6. Nothing better than swinging the day away on a summer day. All that crocheted goodness makes it even better. Enjoy! Tammy

  7. Your new swing seat is fab - can you give us a link to where it's from?

    I prefer 4mm-5mm hook and DK to crochet with, but also like to use tiny hooks (1.75mm or smaller) and fine cotton to do lacy trims to pillowcases, etc.

    I crocheted a garter complete with blue ribbon for my BFF's wedding and it looked like lace.

    S x
    S x

  8. I love your new swing! I've never seen one that converts to a bed, fabulous! And the cute handiwork's not to shabby either! I so love the colors, can't wait to see what you do for the top!

  9. I love the colours in your ripple - what yarn did you use?