Monday, 14 November 2011

Afternoon Update...RANDOM IT IS GOING TO BE

made a few more stars then played with the layout.....James arrived for his dinner and he said random was best the others looked too designed and it should look old, as if l was using up balls of wool.

Just like they would have in the olden days.....made me feel old for some reason hehe

Now l need to make all 140ish and decide on the colour l will use to join them together?

I though a Stone colour, got lots of that and James agrees with me..
Decisions made more thinking just some hooky action

deep orange/red/pink
pale pinks
11 greens
Total: 41, so about a 100 to make @ 4 an hour that's 25 hours of colourful playtime


  1. Looking fab seems we are both in the mood for something we can do without too much thinking :-)
    .....and I've got to say I rather like the random look too.
    A x

  2. Oh Suz....can't tell you how happy I am that you went back to the old format! I could not visit your blog anymore, and I was missing it.

  3. I love random too. I feel like we are back home again. I know just where every thing is now too. This is going to be a stunner. OK, better run, it's Monday at High Noon and I too am still jammied up here. But, I did get dressed over the weekend, so don't worry, I didn't go to IKEA in my jams. But, I didn't come home with much either.

  4. I really like the top middle picture, which looks not random at all! I like the effect of the little triangles of colour. I was thinking a cream type of colour to join them too, so we are obviously on the same track!
    Can't wait to see the end product.
    xXx Helen

  5. Oh my days and awe of anyone who can produce stunning work like this....lovely!x

  6. The stars are great, love the shape and the color and I am so, so happy I can comment whenever I want. No we did not give up on you and we never will.

  7. Thanks good to be back to normal again hehe
    Sweet Seahorse l liked the triangle one too may be l'll sneek a few in around the egdes hehe
    Do you think he will notice?
    Hugs to all and thanks for the lovely comments and sorry again l took so long to come to my senses hehe
    Huge hugs to all xx