Thursday, 15 October 2015

CROCHET: Close 'V' Stitch


There are a number of versions of 'V' stitch, mostly with a chain stitch added between the pairs of stitches

Like this chart from you tube
Suz version
I Like to do a version with no chain stitches between the pairs and I use 2ch sts as a dc [tr], replacement, 
otherwise its the same stitch.

This gives a lovely soft but very square and neat edged fabric 

A wip so I will add finished pictures asap
 Alternate rows of a base colour and a selection of one row colours..carry the base colour inside the coloured row stitches

I'm making a long scarf using the no chain between version.
A quick and effective stitch with a ripple effect

Using the easy base ch start
LINK HERE to the how too.

Ch 31, turn
ROW 1: ch2 counts as first dc [tr], turn do 2dc [2tr], into next st, miss a st, *2dc [2tr], into next st, miss a st,* repeat from * to * to end, finish with a dc [tr], in the last st, turn.

ROW 2: ch2, counts as first dc [tr], 2dc [2tr], into the space between the pair of stitches, repeat 2dc [2tr], in every space between pairs to end, 1dc [1tr], in last st, turn
ROWS 3- Length required
Repeat row 2.

Add a ch st loop fringe of 20ch for each loop one in every st both ends of scarf 

Another version is..
Double 'V' Stitch chart from You tube


  1. I love the V-stitch and have already used it for scarves and love the look of it. I'd like to try the cluster V stitch next time and have already got the yarn I want to use!

    1. hi Sandra....have you tried the close V stitch? no chain stitch looks the same but slightly firmer?
      What yarn are you using? this one is in Alpaca xx

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