Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Fabulous week...a crazy cool phone app, Local radio, my books and lots of crochet fun

Life has turned a little crazy this week... 

with lots of new ideas for crochet, fun outings, shows, magazine interviews and local radio chats and I now find my books have been translated into German and Finnish too....I thought things came in 3's...more like 33

I've just got to tell you all about this new phone app...who would have thought it ME and a phone app!
Is a real cool phone app, my new addiction is so much fun i cant tell you..

Pmacs looking cool

 A new crochet wrap in my 'easy' version of a lattice stitch, its called...

Summer Kisses

PRISMA, turns your photographs into works of art, great on people and crochet too

 motif below from Book 1, Granny Squares, given the PRISMA Love  

Thanks to Phil's lovely niece started some thing here, I'm now totally addicted to a phone app, not so long ago I hardly ever knew where my phone was, let alone using a phone with my new iPhone, my sons old one he now has a super new i phone, everything is so easy and I am addicted to this fun app 

I don't understand a word of the new books but they look wonderful 
Thanks GMC Publications and the German and Finnish publishers too, a fabulous job.

I was on the Local Radio Shropshire, they were asking for anyone who blogged and it had been a life change thing for them, didn't want to miss a opportunity so I called them and chatted for about 5 minutes with 
Jim Hawkins...thank you Jim.

When it was over the show asked me to do a more in depth piece on Jim's show on September the 5th....from 10am in the morning. A difficult decision, lol...I jumped at it, Thank You Jim Hawkins Show

You can listen to the 5 minutes from this week, if you want but only for a few more days and then its replaced with other things. HERE I'm on after Adele, about an 1 hour and 55minutes into the show.....How's that for famous company! lol

The Crochet Work keeps piling in and I've been a little overwhelmed with it all, so I have had to think hard about the direction I want to go in, while still honouring the commitments I have made there are going to be changes, i hope you will enjoy them all, watch this space.

The New Carousel CAL with Stylecraft will be announced soon, I'm over the moon with the design so I hope you will all love it as much as i do..full of colour of course.


  1. Wow! I love the way this app makes photos look like art! Just downloaded it. Thanks!

    1. hi Cahrlotte, fab isn't it lol cant get me off the phone now x

  2. Also Luv this new app prisma~~ thank u for turning this on to us !!!

  3. Just listened to you on the sounded very cool and calm!
    now I can put a voice when I'm reading your blogs & FB page.
    Thank you for all the inspiration, love the things you do x

  4. Carousel looks amazing. I've already joined the FB group. Will there be a Ravelry one too?

    1. Hi Nana, thanks, glad you like it.
      Not sure about's taking all my time as it is on the fb group, not doing it like Jane I'm on the group and there to help if anyone needs it when we get started xx