Wednesday, 10 May 2017

I Have my Guest bedroom back again...

James and his wonderful gf Bethany moved into there fabulous 3 storey home on Friday. 

We all pitched in and helped them out, not allowed to share pictures sorry but its going to be a fabulous home for them once they have finished making it theirs.

......but now i have my guest bedroom back I'm redecorating and i've gone all girlie and using a soft vintage pink with the black and white, but delicate wallpaper that is already up didn't want to actually add new wallpaper for now.
It used to look like this... 

I've taken the blind down and let the light in and added a few pink bits and pieces to make it look pretty, a man free zone for now.

It get the sun in the afternoon a very warm and cosy room later in the day and now its gone all pretty in pink, the new motif s one for the Pattern club, a blanket in the making i think.

New long runner for the end of the bed or as a wrap...lots of colour experiments happening right now with old motifs for a wrap or bed end runner, which to use is the problem!

Workshop motif...
probably too big...but might look great in vintage pinks?

Amelia and Belinda motifs from a couple of years back...possible

are looking good options so far, very pretty and look that's fab in the vintage pink, loving the 

 Loving 'Camille' in pretty vintage pinks...a mix of the two.

boxed motif for a bed runner and Camille for a wrap?


  1. You put your stylish and talented stamp on whatever you do, Sue. Even spare bedrooms. I'm confident it will looking stunning by the time you're finished! Thanks for sharing.