Saturday, 7 October 2017


Flower Scarf 

the centre of the flower is the same pattern as used in the
link to pattern here

Use the first 3 rounds OF LINK ABOVE 
Pictures only on this post for first 3 rounds

to make the centre then add the petals below

Round 4: Att. petal col. sc [dc], in a st, between a pair of sts, ch3, sc [dc], miss a st, sc [dc], in next st, ch7, sc [dc],in same st, ch3, miss a st, sc [dc], in next st, ch3, miss a st, sc [dc], ch7, sc [dc], in same st, repeat to end, finish with ch3, sl st to complete. (6 x ch7 loops, 12 x ch3 loops)

Round 5: cont. in same col. 6dc [6tr], ch3, 6dc [6tr], into ch7 loop, sl st into the next sc [dc], of row below, repeat for all petals.

join as you go using the 2nd ch st, at each point as a sl st, into the motif before.

Make a row as long as you require
join many together to make a wrap or large scarf.

If making a wrap join a row of flowers as for the scarf then the second row wold be staggered and joined from one floor to the next