Monday, 12 February 2018


I do my popcorn a slightly different way from the standard way link to how to do popcorn shown below

This is not my pattern but i do love it and its chunky textural feel
 I first saw it on Instagram on 

I found out she had seen a beautiful pink vintage blanket shown to her by a friend and had written a pattern and added it to her blog
A beautifully written and very easy to follow pattern

I don't often 'do' other peoples pattern but a new yarn to play with just spoke to me hope you like it too cant share yarn details yet but i will soon

This pattern has mostly been made up in plain colour or different rounds of soft colours but i think it works beautifully in a random dyed yarn

Thanks byhaafner for a wonderful pattern
and i see several new versions too love them

Im making mine into a cushion 
How i do my popcorn stitch...the byhaafner pattern link above uses a 6 dc and thats what i've used but I did make the corners slightly smaller too.

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