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Fair Isle Mandala Pattern and pictures

As promised the Mandala Pattern
Before I start, there is a couple of things you need to know when working POST STITCH in the round,
SOME TIMES I have used the post stitch as an increase stitch but mostly it is a replacement stitch.

4mm hook and Cotton DK.
 USA terms.

The pattern is quite long and detailed
Shout if you need any help and let me know if I written something that doesn't make sense .
I had run out of some colours so used a replacement from the original Blue and Green one

Fair Isle Mandala Pattern
Chain 4 and sl st into a circle
Round 1: 12dc into the circle, sl st to complete round
Round 2: 1dc in every space with 1ch between each.  (24 sts)

Round 3: 3dc, in each space, sl st to complete. (36 sts)

Round 4: sc in first space, ch3,sc into second space, repeat to complete round sl st to finish (12 chain loops)
attach yarn in spoke space as picture above

Round 5: 4dc in each chain loop with a chain between OOPS! MY APOLOGIES YOU ARE RIGHT THERE SHOULD BE A CHAIN BETWEEN HERE
Round 6: 5dc in each space 2ch between
Round 7: 3dc in each space and 3dc in 3rd dc of the round before

Round 8: sc in every stitch (72 sts)

Round 9: Attach yarn one stitch away from the space in 2 rounds below as picture below 
do 1sc in 2 more stitches (3total)
1st tr post stitch (2yo, 3 pull though's) 
into the middle dc 3 rounds down
complete the dc (2yo, 3 pull though's)
this round is an increase round so don't miss the sc stitch behind the post, do 1sc in next 3 sts, (including the one behind the post st)
The next post st is a tr post st (3yo, 4 pull through's) though 2 posts, ( middle 2dc of 4 rounds down
repeat this pattern to complete the round (96 sts)

(12dc post sts, 12tr post sts, and 72 sc) total 96 sts

Round 10: sc in every stitch (96sts) at this stage it could look a tiny bit frilly..dont worry.

Round 11: Attach yarn one stitch before the tr post st as picture below
do 3 sc, dc post st, into the first st of 2 rounds down that are visible 
as picture below
complete the dc, 
this round is NOT an increase round so the dc post st, is a replacement st, so miss the sc st, 
behind the post st, 
1sc, in next 3 stitches

repeat dc post st, in the same st of the next section and every section until the round is complete
picture below show the st that is replaced by the dc post st.
sl st to complete the round (24post sts, 3 sc between 96sts in total)
Round 12: dc in every stitch (96sts)
Round 13: sc in every stitch (96sts)
Hope you can all understand the pattern so far

Wonderful to hear so many are giving the FI Mandala a go.

FI Mandala Pattern PART 2
4mm hook, cotton yarn, USA terms.
another mistake i missed out round 14 sorry all x
ROUND 14: looks like i didn't take a picture for round 14 but same picture to explain same as round 15 picture...sorry yet again and thanks Dee for pointing it out another ooops! 
Round 14: 3sc in first 3 sts, dc post st into dc of 2 rounds down (as picture below)
 all thought that has the start of round 15 as well sorry yet again for missing out round 14
Notes to help:
not an increase round just a replacement round (96 sts)
Round 15: in the same colour as round 14, sc in every stitch. (96sts)

Round 16: sc and dc post stitch in alternate stitches (96sts)
Notes to help:
Post stitch is Not an increase round just a replacement st.
Attach yarn as picture below lining up to do a dc post st into the first of the visible sc of 3 rounds below
Round 17: In the same colour as round 16, 1dc, 1dc, 2dc in 3rd st, repeat all the way around (128 sts)
Notes to help:
This is an increase round 
Keep checking the count of 1,1,2 I did this round three times because I missed the sequence, but it was in the early hours because I couldn't 

Round 18: sc in every stitch ( 128 sts)
Round 19:
Notes to help:  
Attach yarn and line up the first post st with the sc of 3 rounds down as picture below
Bit of an odd round mostly a replacement post sts but every 8th post stitch you do an increase by including the sc stitch that would be behind the post st, if you don't add this increase the posts will not line up, but start to lean 
1sc, 1sc, 1tr post st, to sc of 3 rounds down, repeat but increase every 8th post st. (total of 144sts)
Round 20: dc in every st (144sts)
Round 21: sc in every sts (144sts)

Round 22: 1sc, 1sc, 1tr post sts in 3rd st, no increase just a replacement st
Note to help:
Not an increase round.
line up the post st to match the 1st sc of 3 rounds below.
as picture below
(total sts: 48post sts, and 96sc, total of 144sts)

Round 23:  dc in every sts (144sts)
Round 24: sc in every sts (144sts)

well almost, the shell edging is done to join the front to the back

Back pattern part 3 on Monday
Have fun and really look forward to seeing how you get on
Already a couple of you lovelies have had a problem with round 5! oops my mistake and only just noticed it thanks for pointing it out Sandra and Dee there should be a ch between the groups of 4 on round 5
just check the hand written notes and amended the pattern part 1
My apologise to you both xx

PART 3: back of Mandala if you don't want to make the same back as the front

Sorry life has got in the way of blogland I'm afraid and a ton of Chippings being delivered this morning is going to have to be shifted today, yes I wasn't happy with the extra charge so the terrier in me was determined to find the chippings from some where else.....took me all of 5 minutes to find from PJ Skips almost 10 miles away, and £20 cheaper, so the local company got cancelled
and here a bit of garden remodelling

So back to the Mandala Back Pattern PART 1.
Just the middle bit today
4mm Hook, Cotton-On yarn (in photo above but the cream for the tutorial photos in pure cotton)
and USA terms

Ch4, sl st, into a circle

Round 1: 12dc, into circle sl st to complete the round.
crochet over the end as you go.

Round 2: A clusters of  3tr in each sts, with 2 chain between each, sl st to complete round

2yarn over's and 2 pull throughs holding th stitches on the hook until you have done 3 then last pull though is through all 3 stitches to make the cluster then a ch to hold the cluster together

Notes to help:
so technically you are doing 3ch, between but 1ch, holds the cluster together and 2ch, gives the spacing
use sl sts, to move to the next starting space when working in one colour

Round 3: sl st to chain space,  4dc,  in each chain space. sl st to complete round

Round 4: 1dc in each of the next 4 stitch, then ch3, repeat in each of the 12 sections,
sl st to complete the round

Round 5: sl st, to middle of the 4dc of round 4 (as picture below), 

then do 5dc in the chain loop anchor with a sl st in the centre of the next 4dc of round 4, repeat until round completed

Second half tomorrow but something to be 
going on with at least.

PART 3: second half

ROUND 6: sl st to the 3rd dc of the 'petal', 6ch sts, sc to the 3rd dc of the next petal repeat until you complete round with a sl st.

ROUND 7: sl st, into the chain loop, 8dc in each loop, sl st to complete the round. (96sts)

ROUND 8: sc in every sts. sl st to complete round. (96sts)

ROUND 9: 3dc, in first st, miss 2 sts 3 dc in next stitch, repeat until round complete, sl st to finish round. (32 granny shells of 3dc)

ROUND 10: sl st, to next space, 3dc granny shell in each space with 1ch sts between each granny shell. sl st to finish round (32granny shells 32ch sts )

ROUND 11:  Repeat round 10 (32 granny shells and 32ch sts)

ROUND 12: Repeat round 10 (32 granny shells and 32ch sts)

ROUND 13: 1dc in space, 1dc in each of next 3 sts, repeat to complete the round, sl st to finish round. ( 128 sts)

ROUND 14: 15: 1dc in each st, sl st to finish round. (128sts)

ROUND 16: Repeat round 13 but with an increase of 16 stitches approximately every 8sts, you need to have 144 sts to match the front. sl st to compete round.

Wrong sides together match stitch for stitch with 1sc in every stitch to join the front to the back
Do 36 x 5dc shell stitches to finish the cushion, sl st to complete round.
Add buttons and loops or a zip.

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