Tuesday, 6 March 2018

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS......Time to read them?

Such a busy time of year for me with the new Subscription Pattern Club almost ready to open its doors...all the details will be released soon and I'm well on the way with the first 3 designs. I need to keep one step ahead of all you excited Hookers
Not long to wait now

You cant go wrong for me with a Christmas present of books and these two will give be hours..days, months...years of pleasure 

2 fabulous books for Christmas and not so much time to browse...
Both of these wonderful books i would recommend, a picture book and a very informative story book about colour, full of little gems you can dip into any page, absolutely fascinating
Tricia Guild, PAINT BOX.....as always full of wonderful colour combinations and fabulous room settings

Kassia St Clair, The Secret Lives of Colour....the title says it all, not many pictures, but full of great colourful stories and their origins and history. 
How colour has touched the lives of many artist through the centuries...wouldn't be with out it 
The paper back version will be out soon, but the hard back is worth the extra pennies 

Inspired by the first few pages in Tricia's beautiful picture book

 A reversible pattern with the white dominant on the one side and the colours dominate on the other, bit of a yarn eater but wonderfully chunky going to make a fabulous new bath mat in 5 colours of Cotton yarn

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