Monday, 9 July 2018

GEOMETRY: Moroccan Lantern design

After a couple of days of some crochet I need to change crafts so todays project is the Moroccan Lantern design.
I worked out how to draw this interlocking design in a size i wanted, with the compass and ruler and cut out a template in card

Now i'm cutting dozens out in wallpaper samples to make a patchwork wall of Moroccan Lanterns in lots of different pale grey, white and ochre colours 

4 put together to see how they work hex will be next
blocking on the ironing board

Love to make a door fly curtain for the work room..need lots of squares though they aren't quite 6" square might be finished for 2019! lol


  1. your blog !

  2. I love the Moroccan tile idea! It’s going to look amazing! Torus is beautiful too!