Sunday, 5 December 2010


Christmas crafts 
About 1" X 2"
and we played all afternoon with them
had a lot of fun with this tiny package that sits in the palm of your hand
found a printable sheet on Google and a pretty back laminated them and cut them out
then played.....
a selection of throws are on the bed....
the stocking is hung on the peg rail....
the cushions are plumped...
the trees are up....
looking cosy....just needs a visitor now!
or two......
moved the Chandelier...but l'm afraid it fell off the wall shortly after taking the picture...
may need to make another one some time...
no curtains yet and a little finishing off to do but again almost there...
still deciding on the wrapping still on
very white when the light is may change them
I'm pleased with the weeks work though...and now have two cosy usable bedrooms 

The fun tiny stocking
lol....know what it is yet?
Dominoes.....would be great for holidays so tiny....
and no weight at all...
but plays just as good as a proper just hold them like cards
and pop them in a pocket when you're done...
Happy second week of Advent..will be burning my second candle tonight
Hugs All xx


  1. Love your bedrooms! Both of them just make me drool!

  2. When's a good time for me to visit? I need to check my passport, it may need renewing :). Everything looks great!

  3. Gorgeous rooms, I am not ashamed to say I am soooo jealous. The dominoes are inspired, I wish I had a laminater as my little boy LOVES dominoes and these would be fab for him xxx

  4. i love the fabrics on your black and white bed!!!!!!

  5. Hi all and thanks glad you like the weeks hard work..haha who am l kidding was lots of fun and l had help..
    James helped at his own pace but it was great having him here all week
    Have a wonderful second week of Advent
    Hugs to All xx

  6. Your visitors must gasp in appreciation of your lovely home - however do you get them to leave!!