Wednesday, 15 December 2010


But..............l have been busy with more snowflake cutting
made a bigger cardboard snowflake pattern of one of my favourite snowflakes 
ironed the Heat and bond onto the felt 
and cut 16" snowflakes ready for the red fleece for pressies
I also want a couple for our new sofa but need some fabric the right colour had a little play
and l like how they'll look...
 l'd be quite happy with these as decorative cushions all year round on the teal blue
what do you think?

and Santa's pile is growing more decorative...
all the embroidery is done on the hearts l've made so far

l cut one RED to the kitchen to iron on the snowflake 
going to sew these on as well as using the heat and bond but they could be left with out if you wanted 
l just think a stitch will add a bit of detail

got back to find the cat had been sick on the red fabric l'd left on the floor of the lounge!...dooooh!
so now l've got to buy more red fleece 
May be he was marking his Christmas pressie so washing the fabric right now and l'll make them one too...aaaaaaaah! don't l spoil them? lol

Just to! l floated home yesterday those tiny fish earn their keep hehe
more of a tiny vibration than a tickle and l'm booked for another session on the 23rd December
fabulous treatment loved it...but l love having my feet played with so l WAS going to love it wasn't l? hehe

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
hugs xx


  1. You are so talented! I love your blog. Every post is just bursting with inspiration.

  2. The cushions look great, I'd be very happy with one of those for a present. Might have a go myself if I can find the bondaweb. And why do cats do that? Why not be sick on something that can be easily cleaned?!?

  3. Oh Suz...I LOVE those hearts!!
    Looking very cheery way across the pond!!!

  4. Hi Suz,
    What great stuff you are making, I love it all.
    But the hearts are really great!!!!
    Your house looks soooooooo cosy!!!

    Have a great evening
    Best Wishes

    Chris xxx

  5. The hearts are really pretty Suz, did you embroider them after making and stuffing them or before?

  6. Thanks everyone...think l've sent a PM to you all
    But glad you are all enjoying the Christmas fun
    Hugs x

  7. I know I'm late stopping by(not been very well) but I love your cosy Christmassy Lounge. It looks gorgeous, cushions and everything!