Monday, 6 December 2010


Fornasetti WIP art for the wall in the bedroom
Along with a plate or two...
and a couple of cushion...printed onto fabric using freezer paper...a project to try soon
birds words and who know what!

have a wonderful week everyone
Hugs xx


  1. Hi Suz, Just been catching up on your blog. :-) Do show and tell how you use freezer paper to transfer onto fabric please.
    A x

  2. 'll do a tutorial as soon as l've tried it..fingers crossed xx

  3. Hi Suz, Great ideas as usual...I love the red and white theme particularly, looks so cosy and inviting particularly with the current weather. Wish you could bottle your energy and enthusiasm and sell it, it would be top of my list to father Christmas!!!!
    I use freezer paper in quilting, makes a very good stencil which can be reused as well as a template material and also as a carrier layer for fabric going through a printer...good luck with that.Have a great week and keep warm.

  4. :D veru very very cool!! :) thanks for your comment in my blog.. kisses :)

  5. Freezer paper is awesome!! I tried it for the first time about a month ago...I was amazed!!

  6. The freezer paper sounds great. I did buy fabric that went through the printer it worked out £1 per sheet. So freezer paper would be cheaper. Good luck.