Thursday 14 May 2015

Book 1; Granny Squares sharing some new variations on the patterns

Because book 2 is going to be a little late on the shelves 
(August 28th 2015 and not May 2nd) 
I decided to go through Book 1 and re model some of the make them in todays popular yarns and different colour ways....
You will need the book for the patterns but the pictures I will post here will be in new colour ways and new yarns.

PATTERN 1 Variations

from the pattern on page 82. Made in Sirdar Baby Crofter and a plain back ground...I've called this The Crofter Cartwheel
The only pattern difference is I'm using my favourite finger wrap and sc instead of dc for the first round
I think you will agree it looks totally different from the cotton garden seat cover in the book?
Below are two more options...just by changing the colours the motif looks entirely different
 The one above in Wendy Supreme cotton and silk and another similar yarn in a third shade of pink looks just like a daisy.

 The one below I've made in Wendy Supreme cotton and silk it has a slight stone washed look and I've changed the method of joining them together in the third sample

The Crofter Cartwheel

Page 98 The Hexagon blanket Motif is next

Hope you enjoy the new variations from Granny Squares Book 1.


  1. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to post this for us, Sue. Great excuse to get the book out again and buy some new yarn!

    1. Hi, you're very welcome I've enjoyed re visiting the patterns and trying new ideas out......lots more new stuff to come soon too
      Hugs x

  2. really interesting!!! I have your book somewhere …. I have to find out where!!!!!
    thank you, xxxxx Ale