Sunday 10 May 2015

Octagon Star flower with extra rounds....

 A new version of the 8 Petal flower pattern below in Alpaca
for this Alpaca flower the centre is different
finger wrap of 4 wraps
Round 1: 12sc into circle sl st to complete (12sc)
Round 2: 2sc in each st, sl st to complete (24sc)
Round 3: 1sc inch st, repeat to end sl st to complete (24sc)

Round 1-3 above Replace R1-R2 BELOW
Continue from R3 BELOW To complete this Alpaca Flower



Chain 8 sl st to complete the circle
R1: 24 dc into the circle, sl st to complete round.
R2: 1sc in each stitch, sl st to complete round


R3:  Start in any stitch, 2dc in first and second st, ch4, miss a st, repeat until you have 8 sides sl st to complete round....picture above is the original octagon, the chain loops are just one ch st longer to take the petals

R5: attach yarn between the 2sets of 2dc with a sc, 

4dc into chain loop, chain 4 sl st into the base of the 4ch, to make the point of the petal, 4dc into same chain loop sc in the middle of the 4 dc of previous round, repeat until 8 pointy petals have been made, sl st to complete round.

Happy Hooking x

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