Sunday 10 May 2015

New Alpaca Granny Square Coat in the making

 Ive finally decided on the next GS Coat, in 7 colours of Stylecraft Alpaca, I'm using a 5mm hook and using a modified version of the old GS Coat pattern
I had forgotten how nice and firm this circle in a square motif is.

 I already have a block of 9 made and 24 more circle ready to go

Modified from the original GS Coat motif, Circle in a square.

 A finger wrap of 10 wraps (padded centre ring) 
 Round1: 16sc into wrap circle, sl st to complete. (16sc)

 ROUND 2:ch2 counts as first dc, 1dc into same st, 2dc in next 15 sts sl st to complete round. (32dc)

 Round 3: change colour, attach yarn in any st, ch2, miss a st, sc into next st, repeat to end

  sl st into first ch2 sp. (16 ch2 loops)

 Round 4: ch 2 counts as first dc, 1dc ch2 2dc into same ch2 sp, ch1,
 2sc, ch1, into next 3sp, 
 repeat for each side and corner.

The old coat had squares but this one is a little smaller so not sure how many i will need yet.

complete first square then match st to st, for the next square and all following squares. Use the ch st as a sl st to join them in the ch1 spaces.

 I've made a version of the Chunky monkey flower in alpaca to be applied to the back of the coat too but I'm still learning the tricks of the Mac book and I can't seem to get that particular picture from my camera card to the blog at the minute...hurry up from work James i need you!

Seems I didn't need him after all...i'd uploaded them and didn't realise...clever me!
 9 motif sample so far
 I've made a sample yarn necklace too to hold all the circles as they are made
A modified Chunky Monkey Flower to go some where on the coat when it's finished 

and it goes very nicely with the wrap i made a few weeks ago

 Love this square, no curling and it makes a lovely firm fabric perfect 
for a coat or jacket.


  1. Lovely - great colour combo - as usual. x Jo

    1. Hi how are you ? Long time no speak lol.
      Thanks it's working for me too hugs xx

  2. Oh Sue I love it! I have looking at coats recently! You really need to stop stalking my brain! Done, I'm doing this 1! <3

    1. Hi Aroha glad you ike it cant wait to see the colours you use xx

  3. Yours coat looks fabulous. I like it! Do you make it from alpacas yarn?

    alpacas for sale uk