Thursday, 9 June 2016

INSPIRATIONAL COLOURS....pick a favourite picture

COLOUR: Be inspired by a picture you love, save folders of inspirational pictures
then use them in similar proportions..then try changing those proportion and see the differences

How about these zingy little numbers:

the colours i would use..(ignoring the orange bit of the picture for now)
the green is a lot stronger if you know Stylecraft Grass Green?

Some of the brights I love

TOP ROW: Matador, Bright Pink, Fiesta, Clematis, Magenta, purple the name slips my ind right now, Lobelia
BOTTOM ROW: spice, tangerine?, citron, zing, soft green, grass green, aspen, turquoise
some are special and some are life and here are more I would include 

another impressive colour combo
turned into a project motif

or this stunner in reds and yellows..

Choosing colours is as difficult as you want to make it, IF YOU STRUGGLE, be inspired by something visually fabulous, pick the colours from A FAVOURITE PICTURE and play around with proportions and scale 


  1. I love this idea, thanks. I have saved little cutting from magazines over the years. I must have a look through them for new colour schemes.